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Your Host for the Superhuman Brain Masterclass

Ryan Wohlfert, DC, CCSP, DC, CCSP

Your Host, Ryan Wohlfert, DC, CCSP, DC, CCSP

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Dr. Ryan Wohlfert, the co-founder of Total Health Spine and Nutrition and founder of UpgradedParents.com, is a highly specialized healthcare practitioner who has helped thousands of patients achieve their health goals at his multiple chiropractic, nutrition and wellness clinics. He is also the host of the Superhuman Brain Masterclass, bringing the world's top neuroscientists, brain researchers, doctors and biohackers together to uncover proven solutions to upgrade the brain to high performance for life. Dr. Wohlfert uses his extensive expertise to help people (especially busy parents) heal and upgrade their energy, performance and longevity. He believes everyone can look, feel and perform their best to impact their family, future and world.

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